Booming Market of Small and Medium-sized Cranes

With the increasing growth of production and sales of small and medium-sized cranes in China, crane manufacturers become confident about the belief of developing e-commerce on internet. The booming market guide enterprises quickening their progress in on-line business.

In recent year, light and small lifting equipment attract more attention and obtain a rapid development in domestic market, especially the lifting jack, air hoist, winch etc. The enterprises producing light and small lifting equipment are set up like mushrooms after rain, and the market presents a flourishing phenomena.

According to the statistics, in the first quarter of 2013, the gross industrial output of small and medium-sized crane industries amounted 10.733 billion yuan, an increase of 14.98% of the corresponding period of last year; total industrial sales reached US$775 billion, an increase of 9.09% of the corresponding year.of which, the value of export reached US$557 billion, an increase of 15.45%; the value of import reached US$ 218 billion, an increase of -4.36%.

small crane

All of the achievement inspire the manufacturers greatly. In fact, the small and medium-sized crane industries suffered sales difficulties in 2012. At that time, the small and medium-sized enterprises had to pin their destiny to the large crane manufactures, which had limited target customers and narrow marketing channel. They didn’t have their own innovative techniques and broad market, which pushed them only selling accessories. Due to low profits and weak competitivity, many industries were on the edge of bankruptcy. At the very moment, small-sized lifting industries seek a new way on the internet. After all, the traditional single marketing channel is not enough for the fierce market competition.

It’s predicted small and medium-sized lifting equipment has a broad market and bright future, and E-commerce will become a main method for the industries. In a word, finding a way in E-commerce becomes imperative.