Lift the Shipbuilding Process with the Gantry Crane

Shipbuilding is a complex industry that requires an extensive variety of lifting equipment, and it provides the water transportation, ocean exploitation, and national defense construction, etc. with technical equipment. To improve the use efficiency of the shipyard, the ship block method is a trend in shipbuilding. That is separately build the ship body as blocks, and then use shipbuilding cranes to deliver the blocks into the shipyard to complete assembly and weld.

gantry crane is used for shipbuilding industry

complete shipbuilding with overhead crane

The heavy-duty gantry crane (portal crane), which is also called Goliath crane, is a kind of hoisting equipment with huge capacity, long span, high lifting altitude, and advantages of installation and transportation of ship blocks, so it is widely and specially utilized in shipbuilding industry.

The portal crane for shipbuilding is generally equipped with 2 sets of trolley, and one has 2 main hooks moving on the top flange track, and the other has one main hook and one auxiliary hook moving on the bottom flange track, which helps overturn and transport the large ship blocks.

The Goliath crane is installed over the shipyard to serve the hull assembling. Hoisting and translating are not the only functions that the gantry crane has, it also has the function of overturning the ship blocks and conveying them to the right position for welding.

jib crane for shipbuilding industry

Due to the working environment of the shipyard, the number of employed the gantry crane is decided by the condition of covering the whole shipyard without mutual non-interference during operation.

To keep the shipbuilding process move smoothly, efficiently and safely, the heavy-duty gantry crane can work in combination with other materials handling equipment, and we cover the full range of hoisting work of shipbuilding.
Small gantry cranes move materials in warehouses of the shipyard;
Light overhead cranes move steel plates to the cutting area to create ship blocks by welding
Jib cranes, which is also called arm crane or cantilever crane, are applied to outfit the ship.