Parameters of Electric Steel-rope Hoist

1.Elevating capacity
The elevating capacity of electric steel-rope hoist ranges from 2 tons to 50 tons in accordance with the customer’s need.

2.Lifting height
As a lifting equipment, the electric steel-rope hoist has strict requirement about the lifting height. So we should define a proper lifting height according to the height of workshop when we decide to purchase a electric steel-rope hoist. There are 6 normal lifting height: 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m. While, as a senior manufacturer, we can also design and produce the hoist in the light of the customer’s demands.

3.Lifting speed
The lifting speed has two type: single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8m/ min). We usually choose the single-speed electric hoist (namely CD1 electric hoist ). If you need accurate positioning when you lifting weight, the double-speed one (namely MD1 electric hoist) is competent for the task. As we all know, the lifting speed means working efficiency. The more high-speed electric hoist ,the higher working efficiency.

4.Motor power
The same type electric hoists may be equipped with different motors. One electric hoist with 10 tons elevating capacity can be installed with 13KW motor or 7.5KW motor. That’ s all depending on the the customer’s requirements.

electric steel-rope hoist

5.Electric voltage
The electric hoists can be used in all walks of life, so the utilization voltage is various under different working conditions, including commercial electricity (380V), civil electricity (220V), or even the nonstandard electricity (like 440V/60HZ, 380V/60HZ etc).

6.Installation methods
The electric hoists can be divided into trolley-type hoist and stationary-type hoist. The trolley-type one can move left and right when lifting weight, and the stationary-type one can only lift weight without left and right movement. We can select appropriate installation ways when mounts electric hoist or electric chain hoist on the basis of our practical needs.

Pay attention to the distance between the I beam and the hook center, because some special workshop have rigid requirements about the distance. If you are in such a special condition, the super low-type hoist will be your perfect one.