Outlook on the Development of Crane

 It is a mainstream for the development of cranes by means of improving energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology, green manufacturing and reproducing. Along with higher standards of environmental protection and safety regulations, every nation raises the limiting standards of noise pollution, exhaust emission, thermal discharge, oil leakage etc, the international trade threshold is increased as well. All of these lead to the users’ ever-increasing attention to the energy consumption index of engineering machinery. As machinery manufactures, we should attach great importance to the green designing and manufacturing, energy conservation during the process of new product research and development. Except that, the reproducing becomes a crucial component of green design and circular economy development.

On the other hand, information technology has further developed, which push the products into the direction of intelligentialize, digitization, and user-friendly. Energy-saving technologies spring up one after another.

outlookof crane

Speak of intelligentialize, it is beneficial for the development of cranes. Nowadays, intelligent cranes provide much more safe, effective, precise ways of driving or positioning with loads through diversified sensors and switches. Such an intelligent system which composed of sensors, switches and controllers can alarm the users and solve an emergency situation to prevent maloperation, rather than only relying on intuitions of the operator.

Digital intelligent control system is featured by simple control circuit, low power dissipation, no-spark. Its service life is as ten times as the old-fashioned cranes’ control system. The intelligent digital system also can monitor the real-time running data of the crane, record and alert users when there are system failures or overhaul warnings. The setup can operate the cranes automatically when necessary, which improve the overall safety factor of the crane remarkably. What’s more, intelligent cranes are low cost, because we can save 80% of the cables and other materials, and cut more than 25% of the electric energy.

It had to be mentioned that the technological development of sensors accelerate the innovation of intelligent cranes. At present, there are sensors and switches which are antivibration, anti-impact, waterproof on the market. All the technologies help cranes and other construction equipment working normally under hostile environment.

In a word, it is an intelligent, digital, environment-friendly era. Crane enterprise should keep pace with the market trend, increase research and development to provide diverse product series for different project. So that we can maintain the dominant role in the competition.