New European-type Cranes

Based on the introduction and absorption of imported technology, our company develops a new European-type crane. The development of the crane is guided by the theory of modular design with modern computer technology, optimization design and reliable design methods. It employs imported accessories, new materials, new crafts,and it is featured by lightweight, general utilization, energy conservation, free-maintenance and advanced technology.

The design, manufacture and quality inspection of the new European-type crane are all meet the latest national standards, and equivalently adopt FEM, DIN, IEC or other international standards. Compared with the traditional QD type bridge crane, the new European-type crane is 15-30% lighter than it, and the wheel pressure is reduced by about 10-35%, which lower the requirements of the structure of the factory, and save the factory costs. The retarder, the core part of transmission, employs gear pair with hardness and high precision. Additionally, the steel hoist drum, wrought wheels and variable-frequency speed control system make the crane a renewal product which applies to machine manufacturing, fabrication, petrochemical industry, storage, logistics, electric power construction, paper-making, railways etc.

Characteristics of European-type crane
1.Light weight and small size
By using our own design software, 3D modeling and finite element analysis, we devise our new crane the most reasonable structure, including hoisting mechanism, steel structure, accessories. The high-strength materials are utilized widely which improves the carrying capacity and reduces the weight. In comparison with the traditional crane, the new type has light weight and low wheel pressures. The limited distance between hook and two ends is close, so that the crane has a wide operating range. The height above the track is so low that we can use the workshop space more effectively.


2.Low cost for operating maintenance
Owing to the low wheel pressures, compact size, we can save the investment for the advance works, as well as the expense for lighting and heating facilities. The crane is reliable and durable which decreases the additional fees of the process of using to the lowest. The usage of high-quality, high performance components and parts minimizes the workload of maintenance. The low total installed power is also helpful to economize the prime cost.

3. Excellent working performance
The new crane adopts converter techniques, which is low speed with heavy loads, and fast speed with light loads. The range of speed regulation is 1:10. The crane is stable so that it lessens the impact to the workshop. Combined with the anti-sway techniques, we can use the crane to realize high accuracy positioning.

In conclusion, the crane employs the latest technologies with compact structure and long service life. Please contact us for more information about the renewal product.