Market of Large-tonnage Crane

Cranes with loading capacity of 5t to 8t are hot products accounting for more than 50% of the market. However, with the growing number of manufacturers, the profit margins decline because of price competition. On the contrary, large-tonnage cranes are getting far more profits than the medium- or small-tonnage cranes.

In terms of the development of the motor-vehicle chassis, the needs of large-tonnage truck increase rapidly. FAW, DFAC, CNHTC and other automobile manufacturers all speed up the research and development of motor-vehicle chassis for large-tonnage truck. Therefore the production of large-tonnage bridge cranes will expand with the needs of motor-vehicle chassis. In 2011, the cranes with a loading capacity of 10t or more account for less than 30% of total sales. While it accounts for 33% of total sales only in the first half of this year. And we believe that there is a broad space for developing large-tonnage, serial bridge cranes with the increasing needs in the future.

As a consequence, the market of large-tonnage cranes has drawn more attentions of enterprises domestically, and all the manufactures increase their spending on perfecting serial products and R&D of large-tonnage productions. Meanwhile, truck crane manufacturers spend their energy on productions with capacity of 50t or more than 50t, and reduce investment on productions lower than 16t. While the bridge cranes are prosperous with its advantages of large tonnage, perfect serials. All of this pushes the large-tonnage lorry-mounted crane to replace the truck cranes with small tonnage.

large tonnage crane

Along with the development of electrical control technology, the control technology of bridge cranes takes a safe and intelligent road. Except the general electrical control system, moment limiters are equipped on the bridge cranes according to the relevant regulations to satisfy the demand for safe operation. Moment limiter is composed of oil pressure sensor, angular transducer, linear transducer, altitude sensor, mainframe, and a display device, which realize the operational motion of check, display, and cutoff and helps us to get to the safety situation of the cranes. Additionally, an outrigger pressure sensor, inclinometer can be installed to examine and control the center of gravity and prevent the complete machine from overturning. It is convenient and safe for us to adapt diverse working conditions by using remote control and man-machine interactive processing system. What’s more, the remote control can efficiently improve the working condition, raise labor productivity, avoid casualties and property damage caused by maloperation.

The crane can serves several purposes when is equipped with auxiliary tools, like grab bucket, cable-way bucket, forked plate, snowplow, weeder etc. Therefore, the bridge crane manufacturers are bound to focus on the technical innovation and R&D of the auxiliary tools, which aims at improving the crane to be a versatile machine to meet the market demands.