Transport and Logistic Industry Cranes Solution

2014 international logistic technology and transport system exhibition of Asia was held in Shanghai, China, and the overhead crane and gantry crane became the focus, as a kind of effective logistic hoisting-delivering equipment, of attendees from transport and logistic industry around the world.

Logistic cranes are extensively adopted in the wharf, airport, freight train station, etc. for transport and maintenance operations. And logistic cranes should meet the long span requirements in the working places. Other than the special design for transport and logistic industry, what is more important is the reliability and utility of height of the hoisting system. Our logistic hoist cranes and other material handling equipmentare the right equipment you need.

Container transportation has a booming development in the logistic industry, so container cranes are widely used in container terminals.Our rail-mounted gantry crane is mainly used for handling, transporting and stacking containers in rail transferring stations and large-sized stock fields. This gantry crane has different structures, and non-cantilever gantry crane, single-cantilever gantry crane and double-cantilever gantry crane can be taken use of respectively according to various conditions of operation sites, container stock process and container handling vehicles which can be container trucks or railway vehicles.

Our logistic crane range also covers several types of single-beam overhead cranes with different span and hoist capacity to complete products handling tasks with different operation requests. And the electric hoist crane is to proceed with light-duty materials handling operations.

The logistic equipment is one of the technology elements of modern transport and logistic system, which is important for improving logistic capacity and efficiency, reducing logistic cost, ensuring logistic effect, etc. In the procedure of products movement of loading-unloading, handling and transporting, it needs the assistance from helpful machinery. The logistic crane is instrumental in bettering transport conditions, reducing labor intensity, and enhancing productivity. So do not hesitate to contact us to help you with more information about transport and logistic cranes.

container gantry crane application in logistic induatry

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