Instructions of Overhead Crane

1. Label the plate of rated load lifting capacity in a conspicuous place on every crane.

2. During the operation, you should make sure that no one is on the crane span structure, and don’t try to transport people with the hook.

3. The operator should have a license with sober mind. If you get drunk, you’d better stay away from the machine for you own good.

4. You should focus on the operation, so don’t talk to others, go for a cigarette or anything may be distract you from work.

5. Keep the trolley clean and tidy; don’t misplace devices, tools, flammables, explosive things on the trolley.

6. The crane can not be used with overload.

7. Don’t operate the crane if you encounter problems as follows: the load become loose; the crane is overload; no clear signals; slantly pull things buried or frozen in the earth; there are people on the load; flammables, explosive things without protective measures; liquid is too full to elevate; unqualified wire ropes; hoisting appliance malfunctions.

8. In general, the hook or lifting appliances and the load should be 2m high above the earth. If you need to step over barriers, you should make the load additional 0.5m higher than the barriers.

9. If the load is lighter than 50% of the rated load lifting capacity, you can use the two lifting mechanism simultaneously; if the load is heavier than 50% of the rated load lifting capacity, only one of the mechanism can be used.

10. The crane with a main hook and an auxiliary hook can’t elevate or descend the hook at the same time (except for special case).

11. Don’t weld, hammer or work under the load when the crane is ready to elevate it.

12. You can inspect or maintain the crane when you cut off the power and place the signal of power-cut work on the electric switch. If you need do hot-line work, you should adopt protective measures with designated personnel to take care of it.

13. Don’t drop anything from the trolley.

overhead crane

14. Examine the limit switch and interlock protection devices regularly.

15. Don’t use the limit switch as a brake to stop the crane.

16. Don’t use the crane if the brake system fail to work.

17. The load should not be elevate above people or devices.

18. Set a ground electrode when you prepare to weld the crane.

19. When the hook is in the utmost position, you should assure there still two rings of rope spooled on the drum.

20. Keep safe distance between cranes, and don’t use one crane to push other crane to complete an operation.

21. If you elevate something really heavy, or liquid metal, explosives, you should slow elevate the load 100~200mm higher above the earth and make sure the brake system is in a good condition.

22. The voltage of floodlight should be under 36V.   

23. All the electrical equipment of the crane should equipped with grounding device.

24. Inspect and check out the performance of the crane periodically to deal latent problems before they happen.