Industrial-crane Classification

 1.Overhead Crane
Overhead crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, open storage area or other rectangular places for loading or unloading goods. It contains beam crane, bridge crane, gantry crane, cable crane, portal crane etc.

Overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment that lay across the top of the workshop, warehouse or stock ground. We also call it bridge crane, because it installed on concrete columns or metallic supports which looks like a bridge. Crane span structure moves along the rails lengthways, which offer us a way to make the best of the space for hoisting materials without consideration of the ground facilities. For this reason, the bridge crane is the most common and effective lifting equipment.

Gantry crane is a kind of variant of the bridge crane. At the harbour, the gantry crane is used for loading or unloading bulk cargo in open freight yard and stock ground. It’s door-like steel frame carrys the crane girder, and the landing legs can move on the rails. There are cantilever beams can be installed on the ends of the crane girder. All the characteristics illustrate the high utilization rate, wide operating range and application of the gantry crane and make it popular in harbours and freight yards. 

jib crane

2.Jib Crane
Jib crane includes cantilever crane, tower crane, mobile crane. And the cantilever crane covers column-type, wall mounting type, and balance type cantilever crane.

Column-type cantilever crane is consisted of cantilever and column, which works with cantilever turns around the fixed column or rigid connection of the cantilever and column. The column is perpendicular to the center line. It apply to rounded or fan shaped working range, such as machine tool for loading or unloading workpieces which has a relatively lighter elevating capacity.

Wall mounting type cantilever crane is usually installed on the wall, and it also can work on the overhead railways which are mounted on the other supporting structure of the wall.

Balance type cantilever crane is also called balance hoist, which owns a balance system that is base on the four bar mechanism and balance weight theory. It applies to three-dimensional space with multiple slings for lifting loads.