How to Select Suitable Hoists

 The basic parameter and quality of the hoists are the two focuses for purchasing suitable hoists.


1. Basic parameter of hoists

1.1 Lifting height
As a lifting tool, the hoist has strict requirement about the lifting height. So we should purchase the hoist in accordance with the height of the load for our plant height. The common lifting heights include 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m, and we can make a nonstandard design to cohere with user’s demands for a particular location.

1.2 Lifting speed
The lifting speeds of the hoists generally fall into two types: one-velocity and dual-velocity. In normal condition, we choose the one-velocity type (namely CD1 type). If you need to fix a position precisely during lifting weight, you’d better choose the dual-velocity type (namely MD1 type). Normally speaking, the working efficiency depends on the lifting speed, that is to say the more high-speed hoist is more helpful in improving the working efficiency.

1.3 Motor power
Different hoists use different motors, and the motor for 10t hoist could be 13KW or 7.5KW. Customers can choose the motor on the basis of their demands.

1.4 Voltage
Hoists can be used in all walks of life, so they use different voltages including commercial electricity (380V), civil electricity (220V), even the serial nonstandard power supply (440V, 60HZ, 380V, 60HZ).

1.5 Installation methods
The hoists can be divided into electric trolley type and stationary type; the electric trolley type can lift weights up and down, and move to the left and right; the stationary type only lift loads up and down. The stationary type can be further divided into upper positioning (A1) and lower positioning (A2), and users can choose a proper installation method according to the practical situation.

1.6 Distance between the I-steel and the hook of electric hoists
In some special plant, there are some given requirements for the distance, so we should pay attention to the distance of the hook when we purchase the hoist. The hoists for low building height can meet your demands if you have strict requirement about the distance of the hook.

2. Quality of the hoists
Electrical hoist is a kind of lifting machinery, and its safety is the prerequisite. So we should consider the quality of the hoist seriously when we decide to buy hoists.

We can identify the quality of the hoists from some aspects; during the acquisition phase, we should figure out the origin, material, motor type, brand and price before we see the real hoists.