Solve Municipal Construction Problems with Our Gantry Cranes

With the big progress of cities, the urban centers have a high-density development with large population flocking in, which leads the surge of total travel; at the same time, the urbanization of suburb and exurban areas causes a lot of long-distance travel demands. So solving the traffic problems as one item of the municipal construction is increasingly urgent, and subway building, road building, bridge building, etc. are a kind of effective method.

gantry crane for building bridges

portal crane used in subway construction

Our MG gantry crane (portal crane) is specially manufactured for subway building, according to the requests and working condition of the underground construction, exclusively used for charging the muck and handling materials.

In the construction process of subway tunnel, due to the space limitation, the mass excavation and rocks should not be left in the tunnel for a long time, the gantry crane is needed to remove the muck from underground to handle it above the ground, which requires high rate of cycle-operation to realize high working efficiency as well as automatically discharging the mass excavation and rocks by overturning, to ensure a successful tunnel construction. At the same time, the gantry crane helps move the parts of subway trains and the appliances, and any other equipment used in the service area. Its moving speed has to be suitable for precise movement.

The gantry cranes is also available for road building and bridge building by doing the loading-unloading and hoisting-delivering work, which involves handling construction devices and equipment, hoisting building blocks and heavy machinery, lifting the concreting and form work, excavating waste residue and other building stuff.

Girder crane is a kind of gantry crane specially designed for bridge building which is applicable for transient bridge and road construction units. It can be used to lift the precast beam from the casting stand to the beam holding stand, and then hoist the precast beam from the beam holding stand to the beam carrying vehicles after the girder is maintained. Besides, the girder crane is helpful for assembling and dis-assembling of bridge erecting equipment as well as building overpasses with low pier bodies.

To solve problems in municipal construction, we have several types of gantry cranes to meet different requirements of subway building, bridge building and road building, etc.