Six Effective Ways for Maintaining the Industrial Cranes

There are six effective ways for industrial cranes maintenance, namely sufficiency, inspection, cleaness, proper operation, wearing-in, and modulation.

1. Sufficiency

maintenance It means to supply sufficient oil, water, and air to the cranes. If the diesel, gasoline and air supply are interrupted or not replenished in time, you will find it’s hard to start the machine; the poor combustion, power coastdown come into being, and even the engine doesn’t work well. If we failed to give enough engine oil in time, the engine body will be abraded badly or burned because of the insufficient lubrication. Then to prolong the service lift, we should add enough cooling water to avoid high temperature, power decline and abrasion.


2. Inspection

 It refers to inspect the joint parts frequently. The bolts and nuts are likely to become loose because the influence of uneven load or the vibration and shock caused by the working process of the diesel/ gasoline engine. And you’d better check out all the adjusting bolts in all parts in case the looseness might trigger an accident.


3. Cleaness
Cleaness includes clean oil, clean water, clean air and clean machine body.
(1)Diesel and gasoline are the main fuels for the engine of the industrial crane. The purity of the oil determines the performance of the machine. If the oil isn’t pure, it will cause abrasion of the precise machine and big fit clearance. Furthermore, oil leak, oil drip, low oil supply pressure, wide interstice, clogging in passage for oiling, journal sticking or the burning of the engine or other problems will follow you because of the impure oil.
(2)If the air is full of dust, it will accelerate the abrasion of the cylinder sleeve, piston and piston ring.
(3)If the cooling water gets dirty, it will cause drain blocking, influence the heat dissipation of the engine, worse the lubrication, and abrade the machine body badly. (4)Lastly, the sordid appearance will corrode the surface, and shorten the working life.

4. Proper operation
(1)Lubricate all parts of the ZWZ before working.
(2)We can start our work when the water temperature reaches 40℃—50℃.
(3)It is forbidden to work with overload or slow operation for a long time.
(4)Unload the weights and slow the speed before you shut the machine.
(5)In the winter, we should drain the cooling water when the water temperature fall into 40℃—50℃ (ignore it if you infuse antifreeze into the engine).
(6)Maintain the engine regularly to guarantee the engine stay in a good condition.Develop habits of observing, checking, so that you can find malfunctions easily and fix them timely.



5. Wearing-in
It’s the foundation of prolonging the service life. No matter it’s a new crane or an engine just be overhauled, we should polish the machine according to the specified procedures before they are used in work.


6. Modulation
The valve lash, port timing, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure and ignition of the diesel/gasoline engine should be inspect and adjust in time to ensure the engine always in a good technical conditions. It will help you for saving fuels and extending useful life.