Analysis of the Development Trend of Chinese Crane in 2015

Chinese construction crane is going through an extraordinary phase which is featured by the rapid growth and sharp decrease in the mean time, as well as the domestic and international strong competition and challenges of the economic crisis.

The polarization refers to the further development of large-sized and mini-sized crane which is booming synchronously. As far as the dramatic development of construction cranes in China is concerned, the large-sized machine performs prominently. At the Bauma China Exposition last year, the Zoomlion Heavy Industry showed the largest tonnage all terrain crane in the world, and it set up a world record with the largest hoisting capacity, the longest lifting beam, and the best running capacity with loads. The other two crane giant, Xugong Group and Sany Heavy Industry, also launch crawler cranes with a tonnage over 3000 tons’ hoisting capacity.

Chinese large-sized construction cranes attract the gaze of people, while the mini-sized cranes are well developed by the foreign brands. Such as Komatsu releases series of mini-cranes which integrate the running capacity with exclusive telescopic boom technology, and own the functions of tower cranes that can operate above the roofs or other obstacles.

2.Intelligent technology
Foreign crane brands keep ahead of the world in terms of intelligentization, technoligization and humanization about crane manufacturing. With the development of society, cranes are applied in all kinds of fields. However, some large-sized cranes can’t display its skill to the full because of space limitation. Such a working condition spurs the inventions of cranes with special technical abilities and structures. For instance, I have seen a crane indoors with nine telescopic booms which is well adapt to operating in the narrow environment. To some extent, the improvements of telescopic boom structure increase the lifting performance of the machine.

In conclusion, the two aspects above constitute the overall development trend in recent year. While as far as our country’s situation, crane industries all advance side by side. As a featured product, truck crane are improved steadily with large tonnage ranging several tons from thousands of tons, covering diverse models and series. Truck cranes get its popularity in daily life and constructions domestically. In order to gear our cranes to the international conventions, we should stick to self-reliance and technological innovation.