LX Electric Suspension Crane

LX Electric Suspension Crane Introduction
This LX Electric Single Girder Suspension Crane is composed of steel plate and I-steel welded girder, end girder, electric hoist and electric treadmill. This crane can be hung on the I-beam orbit on the top of the workshop with cantilever 0.5-1m. The electric hoist runs along the lower flange of the I-steel to accomplish article hoisting,

LX Electric Suspension Crane Features
Light structure, convenient installation and maintenance.
Wide application scope: factories,warehouses and material yards;
Reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity;
Low cost maintenance, long working life;
Safe and reliable operation: soft starting and stopping; Crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch; Emergency stop system, in case of emergency, the operator could use emergency stop button to cut off power and stop the crane operation immediately to protect human and relevant property; Current overload protection function; Phase protection function

LX Electric Suspension Crane Application
This type of crane can be widely used in places like machinery manufacturing workshop, caves, warehouse, stock yards etc. with buliding’s rail surface to the bottom chord height ≤ 500mm
Electric current: 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
Crane lifting weight: 0.5t-5t
Span: 3-16m(also subject to non-standard design according to users’ requirement).
working classification: A3
Operating ambient temperature : -25-40℃。

LX electric suspension crane

LX Electric Suspension Crane Technical Parameter

LX Electric Single Girder Suspension Crane

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