KSL Overhead Bridge Crane

Introduction of KSL Overhead Crane-European Crane Design
This type of industrial crane takes modular design theories as guidance, uses modern computer technology as means, introduces optimized and reliable design methods, is new type of overhead crane made by employing important configuration, new material and technology and has features in light-weight, energy-conservation and environmental protection and low maintenance cost.

Design, production and inspection carry out the last issued relevant national standard, equivalently adopts some foreign criteria including FEM, DIN and IEC. This crane can become renewal product of traditional machinery general bridge crane and widely applied in industry of machinery production, assembling, petrochemicals, warehouse logistics, electric power construction, paper making and railways.

KSL European industrial crane

European style bridge crane

Features of KSL Overhead Crane- Electric Single Girder Crane
1.The main beam employs bias-rail box-type structure and connects with end beam by high-strength bolt ensuring easy transportation. The professional processing equipment ensure the connection accuracy of main end beam, making crane run steadily.
2.Trolley of overhead crane adopts open compact winching structure, of which with medium and small tonnage also can use new hoist trolley.
3.Traveling mechanism of this overhead crane and trolley employ Europe three-in-one drive form, the harden gear face reducer has good performance in compact structure, low noise, no oil leakage and long service life.
4.As using new compact trolley and high-strength material, this industrial crane has small overall dimension and light weight, compared with traditional crane, which can decrease the height of the factory building and reduce the cost.
5.Modular design has short design period and high generalization, which can improve the utilization of components.
6.With compact structure, low clearance, small dimension and large application scope, it can improve production efficiency.
7.Full variable-frequency control runs steadily without any impact. Run with heavy load at low speed and light load at high speed, it can save energy and reduce consumption.

most advanced overhead crane

Safety Protection Function of this New Type Overhead Crane

1.Wireless anti-collision limiter: with infrared sensor limiter, it’s sensible and reliable;
2.Braking security protection: electric brake and mechanical brake;
3.Anti-collision sweep-rail plate, end stop blocks;
4.The traveling mechanism of crane and trolley has polyurethane buffer which relieves impact by absorbing motion energy and is easy to install and maintain, meanwhile, under working condition, the hydraulic buffer also be selected to achieve the better performance.

Technical Parameter of KSL Overhead Single Girder Crane

KSL Overhead Crane 5-10T KSL Overhead Crane 5-10T
KSL Overhead Bridge Crane 16-32T KSL Overhead Bridge Crane 16-32T
KSL Overhead Bridge Crane 100-200T KSL Overhead Bridge Crane 100-200T

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