L Type Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

L type Orange Peel Grab Application
L type Orange Peel grab is applicable to all kinds of harsh environment engaged in large block materials and rubbish loading and unloading, has widely been used in the ports, railway, metallurgy, mining, building etc.

L type 
Orange Peel Grab Structure
L Type Orange Peel grab is mainly composed of four parts, bucket, tie rod, bar, and the head.

 L Type Hydraulic Multivalve Grab

L type 
Orange Peel Grab Features
1.Bucket tooth can be replaced, and adopt high hardness and wear-resistant steel to ensure the longer service life ;
2. Valve shell can be chosen according to different working environment;
3.The whole closed type valve shell, semi-closure type valve shell, valve shell and narrow width side lobe shell.
4. Simple structure, easy to operate,high efficience and few breakdowns .

L type 
Orange Peel Grab Classification
Its structure is classified into single rope, double rope, four rope, electric type 4types. Multiple jaw can be respectively closed according to the material’s shape and size, multiple jaw quantity can be designed according to grab materials and users' need.


crab working photo

L type 
Orange Peel Grab Working Principle
1. At the start of the operation, steel wire rope will lift the grab on the appropriate location, and is put down. At this moment the lower beam under the gravity forces to unfold the bucket. When the bucket opens to the ears of touching boards to collide, which means to the maximum limit.
2. Fall the grab on to loose debris and close steel wire rope back to the its original central position, thus complete the grab materials process.
3. Filled with material and promote the open and closed steel wire rope. The grab bucket is hoisted and moved to the required dumping place on the ground . Open the grab to unload the materials

Multivalve Grab L type Technical Data


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