ZD Electric Monorail Grab

Introduction of Electric Monorail Grab
Electric monorail grab is a kind of overhead lifting and transportation equipment which does not occupy ground production area. It relies on crab which travelling along with overhead rails to reship and transport materials. During lifting process, grab can finish the switching and travelling movement at the same time.

Features of Electric Monorail Grab

1.Simple operation and reliable performance.
2.Reasonable structure and high efficiency.
3.Light weight and easy installation.
4.Application scope: port, construction site, workshop, fireplace, warehouse, escorial, coal slime pool, etc.
5.This type grab crane has three operation modes: ground handle, wireless remote control and cab.

Working Principle of Electric Monorail Grab
Overhead crane are equipped with two sets of double row rope coiling block respectively. Every set of coiling block raises two sets of steel wire rope, one set of two steel wire ropes are separately strapped to slant shell of both ends of grab balancing stand to act as supporting steel wire ropes. While the other set of two steel wire ropes serve as switching steel wire ropes. After separately passing through rope wheel, head pulley, under beam pulley, they form pulley block. When start working, supporting steel wire will lift grab to suitable place, then put down switching steel wire, meanwhile dead weight of under beam will force grab centered on under beam shaft and open up. When grab opens, center distance between up beam pulley block and down beam pulley block increases, then supporting steel wire falls down, open grab falls to unconsolidated materials that need to grab, later draw switching steel wire in and reset center distance which between up beam pulley block and down beam pulley block to original position, thus finishing grabbing process. Lift supporting and switching steel wire at the same time, whole grab will be lifted accordingly. Crane travels to proper situation, grab unload grabbed materials.

Electric Monorail Grab Technical Data

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