MG Gantry Crane for Subway Construction

Subway Construction Gantry Crane Traveling Form
U type subway turn slag gantry crane with hook travels relying on the longitudinal movement along the workshop orbital direction, lateral movement of the handcart, the rising and falling and opening and closing movement of the grab. MG type gantry crane for subway construction is a special gantry crane which is developed on the basis of general gantry crane according to the requirements and working conditions of underground construction.

MG Gantry Crane Application

The machine is suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical industry as well as indoor or outdoor fixed span to those handling work such as ore, limestone, slag, ore, coke, coal, sand grain materials , etc.
It applies to large-span, loading and unloading frequent rail yard. The machine uses a U-shaped door frame, which has a big leg clearance (nearly seven meters), and can be applied to carry out bulky cargo and container handling operations.

MG Gantry Crane Features
1.first class quality with competitive price
2.smooth starting and stopping
3.reasonable structure

Gantry Crane for Subway Construction Crane Working Condition

1. The normal environment temperature of crane is - 20 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity is 85% or less.
2. This series of crane main technical parameters are as follows: the weight: 5 t, 10 t, 16 t, 20 t ; Span: 10.5 m, 10.5 m, 13.5 m, 19.5 m, 22.5 m, 25.5 m, 28.5 m, 31.5 m of eight kinds of specifications.

Configuration Forms

The crane has two configuration forms.
When opening/closing direction are in the same way with that of crane operation, the crane is the first configuration form (type I), or a second configuration form (Ⅱ type). Rated lifting weight of this machine include grab weight.


1.Grab can be classified into light, medium and heavy types by different materials. Choose proper one according to grab characteristics.
2.When used outdoor, it is equipped with rainproof equipment, and the total weight of the crane and wheel pressure increase about 5%.
3. Lifting weight, span, lifting height, working level, grab open and close direction should be written clearly while ordering.

Conductive Form

Conductive form has cable type and trolley line.

MG Double Girder Gantry Crane for Subway Construction 75T

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