MZ Grab Gantry Crane

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Structure
MZ double-beam crab gantry Crane is widely used for material handling operation. This crane consists of girder, crane crab, trolley travelling mechanism, electrical controlling system and grab.

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Application

MZ type double beam crab gantry type crane is mainly used for loading and unloading work such as outdoor freight yard, goods yard and bulk. Its metal structure just like the door frame, bearing main girder installs two supporting feet which can directly travel on the ground of the orbit, and both of the ends can extend the cantilever girders.

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Working Class
Lifting mechanism and the mental structure is designed according to class A7 and other groups is designed by A6 to make sure the good application function and long service life .

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Grab Form

Grab respectively have two forms -a toothed blade and flat blade. The open and closes direction of grab is divided into parallel or vertical to the direction of main girder.

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Power Supply

Power supply of the crane is aerial trolley line which can be changed to ground cable winding drum or other forms.

MZ Grab Gantry Crane Features & Advantages

1. Reasonable structure, Top safety
2. Favorable performance, accurate and smooth lifting.
3. Safe and reliable traveling, precise control and positioning.
4. All round protection, easy operation,
5.Convenient maintenance, high exchangeability for parts and components

MZ Grab Gantry Crane 5T Technical Data
MZ Grab Gantry Crane 10T Technical Data

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