HC Electric Hoist

HC Electric Hoist Introduction
HC type electric hoist has small volume, light dead weight, easy operation and convenient use to meet the needs of lifting heavier cargo.
The lifting weight is generally 16-32t, lifting height is 9-48m.

HC Electric Hoist Application

HC type electric hoist can be widely used for lifting weight and overweight or being installed in electric single-beam bridge crane, and electric hoist double beam crane. It is common hoisting equipment in steel market, machinery manufacturing enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, railway, storage terminal, port and warehouse.

HC Electric Hoist Working Class

The machine working class is M3 to M6.

HC Electric Hoist Operation Type

1. Operation type.
2. Fixed type.

HC Electric Hoist Working Conditions

1. The elevation does not exceed 1000 m.
2. Ambient air temperature is -25 ℃ to 40 ℃.
3. Air relative humidity is not more than 85% (25 ℃).
4.No corrosive gas, unfavorable to lift high-temperature or toxic, flammable and explosive substances.
5. The rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency is 50 Hz.

HC Electric Hoist Features

1.Rectangular appearance, big lifting weight.
2.Stable operation.
3.two kinds of ropes, rope 2 or rope 4.
4.Widely used on electric hoist double beam cranes.

HC Electric Hoist Technical Data


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