YZ Casting Bridge Crane

Introduction Of YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane
YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane is the main lifting equipment used in steel smelting workshop. It can be adopted to transfer, pour and hot charge liquid metal during smelting process.

Structure Of YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane

Adopting double-girder single-cab structure, YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, cab, connecting traverse, trolley travelling mechanism and electric equipment. Main hook adopts the constant-spacing connecting traverse as load handling device to lift steel ladle, while auxiliary hook mesh with the main hook to finish pouring of molten steel and steel slag, and other auxiliary lifting.

Trolley traveling mechanism and main electric equipment are equipped in the girder. Main girder’s electric panel room adopts rock wool for heat preservation and installs air cooler inside. In order to reduce heat radiation of molten steel to metal structure, thermal baffle is fixed along with the span direction at the bottom of main girder.
Trolley travelling mechanism employs four-corner drive.
Crane is equipped with special electronic balance, whose display devices are equipped in cab and girder.
Main lifting mechanism is fitted with overspeed switch.

Features Of YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane

1.Double-beam structure is adopted when lifting weight is less than 125t, otherwise four-beam structure is employed.
2.Advanced technology and novel structure.
3.Safe and reliable, economic and durable.
4.Easy to operate and simple maintenance.
5.Working class is A7.
6.High using frequency and well-adapted.

Tips To Pay Attention Before Operating Crane

1.Clean refuel and lubricate hoist and components as requested before operating. Remove oil dirties and dust remained in travelling and transmission parts in time and keep the safe running of the equipment.
2.Check all the components and tighten state of bolts before starting up, make sure they all remain in good condition.
3.Inspect equipment switch, drive mechanism and brake to ensure they are good and stable.
4.Add lubricating grease to lubricating points as required.
5.Check whether there is abnormal conditions, such as examination reparation in power cut.

Technological parameter of YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane


YZ Type Casting Bridge Crane

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