QZ Grab Crane

Introduction of QZ Grab Crane
QZ Grab Bridge Crane can be widely used in power plants, goods yards, workshops and wharves to load, unload or transport bulk materials. It mainly composed of box-shaped bridge, trolley traveling mechanism, grab crab, driver’s cabin and electric control system. The load handling device is the grab which is able to capture bulk materials. Apart from the lifting mechanism, the crane is almost the same as the hook bridge crane.

Application of QZ Grab Crane

QZ Grab Bridge Crane applies to warehouses and workshops in metallurgic industry, chemical industry, cement manufacturing industry, etc. It can transport ore, limestone, mineral powder, coke, coal, sand and so forth within fixed span indoors or outdoors.

How does QZ Grab Bridge Crane Work?
QZ Grab Bridge Crane is worked based on longitudinally move along with workshop orbital, crab’s transversely move and grab’s lifting, switching move. The grab crab is equipped with switching mechanism and lifting mechanism. The grab is separately hung over the switching mechanism and lifting mechanism with four steel wire ropes. Switching mechanism drives the grab to close to capture bulk materials. When the grab is closed, lifting mechanism is started immediately to lift materials through evenly load the four steel wire rope. Switching mechanism is only needed to unload materials, open the grab to pour materials.

QZ Grab Crane

Features of QZ Grab Crane
1.Walkway door access to cabin have three directions: side, end and top.
2.The open and close of grab have two directions: parallel and vertical.
3.Rated lifting weight includes the dead weight of grab.
4.QZ Type Grab Bridge Crane all belongs to heavy duty crane, working class is A6.
5.Load handling device is the grab which has compact structure and stable performance.
6.This crane can be used indoors and outdoors. Rain cover devices are equipped when used outdoors.
7.Working environment for QZ Type Grab Bridge Crane is from -20℃ to +40℃, relative humidity is less than 85%.

Ordering Instruction
When ordering customers should first inform information as follows: lifting weight, span, lifting height, working class, working system, type of steel track, switching direction of grab, types of grab, etc.

Technical Parameters of QZ Grab Crane

QZ Type Grab Bridge Crane 5-20T

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