QN Bridge Crane

Introduction of QN Bridge Crane with Grab and Hook
QN Bridge Crane Includes two types of hanger: Grab bucket and Hook. QN Type Bridge Crane is the sub-series of common use bridge crane. It is the dependence on the longitudinally traverse along with workshop orbital direction, transversely move of the crab and lifting, closing movement of the grab bucket that the QN Type Bridge Crane works.

QN Bridge Crane

Application of QN Bridge Crane

QN Bridge Crane can be used indoors or outdoors of industries such as metallurgy, mining and chemical within fixed spans to lift or transport materials. Grab bucket can be used to transport particle materials such as ore, coke, coal, sand, etc., while hook can be used to lift whole materials.

Features of QN Bridge Crane

1.Temperature of working environment for this crane is from -20℃ to+40℃, relative humidity is less than 85%.
2.Grab bucket has three types according to its grabbing materials: light, medium and heavy.
3.Working class is A6.
4.Lifting weight has 3 types, 5t, 10t and 16t, spans ranges from 10.5m to 31.5m.
5.Customization according to customer requirement is available.

Information to Confirm when Sending Inquiry
1.Lifting capacity and span length.
2.Lifting height.
3.Do you need us provide rails? How long is it?
4.What is your power supply?
5.Material to lift and temperature requirement?
6.Other related information.

Main Characteristics of Industrial Cranes

1.Cranes usually have large and complicate structure, it can finish lifting movement and transversely movement. In actual operation, it’s often simultaneously move of several different directions.
2.Materials that have to be lifted have many varieties, load capacity is also versatile.
3.Large majority of cranes have to be operated within large spacial scale. Some cranes have to be equipped with tracks and wheels, some have to be furnished with tires or crawler belts to move on ground, others have to travel along with wire rope, etc.

Technical Parameter of QN Type Bridge Crane

QN type Bridge Crane with Grab and Hook

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