QDY Hook Bridge Casting Crane

Brief Introduction of QDY Hook Bridge Casting  Crane

QDY 5-74t Hook Bridge Cast Crane is mainly used in metallurgy or casting industry. Working class of the complete Hook Bridge Cast Crane is A7. The bottom of the main girder is equipped with thermal-protective coating. Crane assembling and testing conform to the document No. ZJBT [2007]375 issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. Other places in which molten non-metallic materials and hot solid metal is lifted also refer to this document.

Structure of QDY 5-74t Hook Casting 
Bridge Crane

Hook Bridge Casting Crane is mainly composed of bridge, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric equipment.

Features of Hook 
Bridge Casting  Crane
1.Every parts of the mechanical and electrical equipment are special designed, so they can be easily accessible for adjustment, inspection, fixation, and maintenance on the permanent service platforms.
2.Main girder are equipped with thermal protective coating.
3.Overhead protection and emergency switch ensure safe operation.
4.High quality and stable performance.
5.Advanced technology and novel structure.
6.Economy and durability, simple maintenance.

QDY Hook Bridge Cast Crane

Working Environment for QDY 5-74t Hook Bridge Casting Crane

1.Power of crane is three-phase AC, rated frequency and voltage is 50HZ and 380V respectively.
2.Temperature of working environment is from -10°C to +60°C.
3.When temperature is below 40°C, the relative humidity is no more than 50%.
4.If the requirements are more than above-mentioned, it shall carry out the requirements in the purchase contract as the user asks.

Tips to Pay Attention before Ordering

Before sending inquiries, customers should first provide some basic parameters, such as rated lifting weight, lifting height, span, etc. so that sellers could supply exact crane which could satisfy the working condition.

Technical Parameter of QDY Hook Bridge Casting Crane

QDY Hook Bridge Cast Crane 5-10T
QDY Hook Bridge Cast Crane 16-20T
QDY Hook Bridge Cast Crane 32-50T
QDY Hook Bridge Cast Crane 74T

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